Universal Pre-K

Henrietta & Geneseo!

Pride & Joy has been a proud participant of the Rush Henrietta Universal Pre-K program, since 2003. This year we are proud to announce that we will also be offering this program to our families located in the Geneseo School District! Program hours in Rush Henrietta are Monday-Friday, from 8:00-10:30 am, on all days that school are in session. Geneseo Program hours are Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-2:30pm, on all days that school is in session.

Universal Pre-K

Students enrolled in U Pre-K will have the opportunity to participate for kindergarten, with students that they will be entering into Kindergarten with! Universal Pre-K is funded by the district, and is free, during the 180 day school year!

The basis for our model of early care and education is emotional connections, which are the first and most important factors in how a child will develop emotionally and cognitively. We understand that early experiences are the key to unlocking the brains potential. Children who feel secure have the confidence they need to try new things, take risks, and explore their environment. Learning happens best through discovery!

Curriculum & Assessment

In the beginning, middle and end of the school year, teachers work with individual children to assess their ongoing development. This information is used to determine individualized learning opportunities and to tailor activities for a variety of learning styles, and speeds. Children have individualized classroom portfolios in which teachers collect work samples, writing samples, and maintain developmental checklists to track progress.

Pride & Joy utilizes materials from “Foundations” to support our literacy curriculum, “Eureka” to support our math curriculum, and the “Brigance Screening Inventory of Early Development 111” to assess development in physical, language, literacy, math & science, daily living, and social & emotional development. We are also inspired by, and incorporate the concepts of Reggio Emilia. Pride & Joy also utilizes the NYS Common Core to develop teaching objectives and develop learning environments and tools for learning.

Wrap Care

Families that require full-day care for their children, will have the opportunity to enroll “Wrap-Around” care at the center. Wrap-Around care provides childcare, beyond the normal program instruction times at a reduced preschool rate, which reflects the funds contributed through UPK program funding. On days that schools are not in session, families will have the opportunity to enroll for “Days-Off” care at the center.