Mobile Daily Reports

Pride & Joy was the first in our area to convert to on-line daily reports for families!

While other centers were focusing on cameras in the classroom, we looked to our parents for the answers.

In a survey, parents expressed some uncertainties about cameras in the classroom. Some examples were: Who could gain unapproved access to the classroom cameras? Also, they felt it would be a distraction during the work day, what they might see could be out of context and/or somewhat delayed and, most importantly, that they would have no way of communicating with the teachers or directors about what they were seeing, as it took place.

Meeting Families Needs

This was when we made the decision to go in a different direction, and to meet the needs of our parents in a way that was relevant, meaningful, and convenient to the way that we live our lives today. So, we got an App for that!


Our families enjoy daily on-line daily sheets that work with PC's, Apple, Google and Android platform And, parents can decide hoy frequently they would like to receive new information, message back and forth with their child's teacher, and have a lasting record of their child's milestones as they grow...Even when you no longer need the daily reporting, the App belongs to you for a lifetime...And, it's FREE!

LifeCubby has the MOST Comprehensive Daily Sheets!

Meals, Naps, Diapers, Bottles, Medications, Photos, Lesson Plan, Notes, Reports and more!

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