School Age

Big Adventures for Big Kids’

This is what we do! It’s not just a side activity. Leave it to the professionals!

At Pride & Joy we realize that big kids’ have big needs in terms of their ever changing interests and growing independence. That is why we have developed a different approach to summer care as well as before and after-school care.


Big kids’ are happy, and well behaved when they are given tools that allow their imaginations to expand. By providing opportunities to use undefined materials, such as cardboard boxes and tape, kids can make up their own script as to what those materials represent, and how they will be used. Camp coaches add to this process by adding additional items, as they see the activity unfolding. This provides hours, and sometimes days’ of imaginative, brain building fun!


Daily science activities allows kids’ to mix, and experiment with common household items, and ingredients from the kitchen, they learn that science is fun, by coming up with questions and trying out their guesses, to what is going to happen!


Daily craft’s allow kids’ to get creative by trying out many different types of media from painting and drawing to clay, wood crafts, glue, collages, weaving, jewelry making and more, discovering what kind of artist is hiding in each individual!


Every day kids’ get to participate in a team game, which is both fun, and supports team building skills! Games could be kick ball, flag football, red-rover-red-rover or even duck-duck-goose! Every game is big fun when played with a big bunch of big kids!


Camp coaches also read from a chapter book daily, for some quieter fun, which is both relaxing and fun. Even big kids like to be read to. Especially when it is from a chapter book that everyone looks forward to hearing what comes next!

Safe & Secure

The best part of it all is that we provide a safe, comfortable environment that you can count on to care for both your little ones, as well as your BIG kids’, in one convenient location, where you know, and like the teachers!