Our Programs

Individualized programs... individualized care!


(6 weeks - 18 months): Infants enjoy a relaxing environment filled with soft music and responsive caregivers, who change the environment, adapting to the ever-changing interests and needs of growing infants. Caregivers are respectful of infants emerging development, and offer support and reassurance, which helps to build a sense of security needed to explore and grow!


(18 months – 36 months): Toddlers have fun exploring on a daily basis. This group is ready to run, jump, climb, kick, dump, fill and explore! Caregivers introduce a variety of materials for toddlers and create opportunities for group interaction and game play, supporting their new language skills and imagination. Caregivers meet toddler’s needs consistently, predictably and affectionately, which promotes self-confidence!


(3years-4 years): Pre-school is where early learning takes a turn into a more structured learning environment. Each activity is carefully planned to include hands-on, open-ended activities and meaningful experiences. Activities are geared for fun and are enriched with opportunities to learn about colors, numbers, shapes and letters. Teachers support preschoolers in reaching age appropriate milestones by creating an inclusive environment that promotes learning through play and promotes self-confidence through safe risk taking opportunities!


(4 years-5 years): Pre-Kindergarten builds on all of the skills gained in preschool as we prepare to enter Kindergarten! Through out Pre-K children will gradually become accustom to the classroom structure that they will experience once they enter school. Teachers create experiences in which children use music, art and other forms of expression as well as pre-math, pre-science, pre-reading, fine and large motor skills and cultural awareness. By the end of the school, your Pre-K child will have gained the security and confidence needed to enter into Kindergarten!

Each of our education programs is a registered part of the New York State Education Department. Pride & Joy’s curriculum, is a relationship based program, which is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, providing individualized care to each child, and is a balanced, enriching educational program that ensure that each participant will develop a life long love of learning!