Frequently Asked Questions

Falls and incidents will be handled with care to ensure that any possible injuries are properly cared for and that the injured child is comforted. All incidents will be recorded on an incident report and a copy will be shared with parents. If a serious injury were to occur parents and emergency personnel will be called immediately.
Each age group is cared for in environments specifically designed for them! We also allow for siblings to stay in each others rooms for visit whenever they want to see each other and at the beginning and end of each day!
Each full time baby will have their own crib. Babies enrolled on a daily basis, who share a crib with a baby enrolled on alternate days, will have their personal belongings stored away and the crib will be throughly disinfected in between each use.
We have three outdoor playgrounds, specifically designed for each age group, including infants! In addition to our playgrounds our center is located in a beautiful, natural setting which allows for playing games in the field, sledding and nature walks!
In addition to Pride & Joy curriculum, children have the opportunity to participate in Zumba & Zumbini dance, Lil' Ninja's karate, Stretch N Grow fitness & Nutrition, and music class, all of which take place in our beautiful bonus room and all included in your regular tuition!
Infants and toddlers nap according to their individual needs and a two hour nap period is offered for older children. For those who do not sleep we also offer quiet activities for them to enjoy while their friends rest.
You can register for any days that are available! A minimum of two days is required to ensure that your child will have the opportunity to bond with their caregivers. As early childhood professionals we know how important this is!
Our fee schedule is flexible and offers both daily and weekly rates for your convenience! We understand how important tuition costs are to families, so we offer the best possible programming at the most reasonable cost to you!
Once you have completed a tour of the facility you can enroll your child by completing a child enrollment form along with a deposit equal to one weeks tuition and a one time registration fee. At that time you can choose your start date, and your space will be secure! We will then give you all the necessary paperwork, which will need to be completed and filled out prior to your start date.
Discipline is handled in a maner that allows children to learn to become self-directed. Values such as kindness, fairness and empathy are built into teacher-child interactions, as teachers help to guide children's behavior.
All though immunizations are not required by NYS regulations for all children, Pride & Joy does require immunizations for all children so that we can provide the healthiest environment possible.


You are welcome to pop in at any time to gather information or to see the center in action, however if you would like to reserve a block of time to tour the center or to have your questions answered it may be better to call ahead so that you can have our undivided attention!

After visiting the center for a tour, you can secure your space with a deposit equal to one weeks tuition and a one time, $75.00 registration fee. At that point your space is guaranteed to be available for you when your baby arrives!
Each of Pride & Joy's programs have been designed with small group sizes in mind. Classes are enrolled so that groups are equal to or less than NY licensing requirements.
Pride & Joy has been providing daycare in Henrietta since 1998!
Even if it is not necessary to pick your child up from daycare, we will contact you to let you know If your child is not feeling well, so that you have the opportunity to make the best decision regarding your child's care. If your child's symptoms fall within the exclusion criteria, usually a fever over 100, vomiting or diarrhea, we will contact you to come pick them up from daycare. Per new COVID-19 NYS guidelines, children must be symptom and medication free for 72 hours before returning to care.
Safety is a priority at Pride & Joy. Some aspects of our safety plan include being located in a private setting, having a secure facility and we regularly conduct staff training in emergency preparedness.
Pride & Joy's curriculum is based on the best components from several curriculums including infants, Toddlers and Caregivers, the teachings of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler, Emotional Connections (Zero to Three), NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Emilio Reggie, the NYS Common Core Standards and the teachings of Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewy and Montessori.
Pride & Joy offers a variety of both on-site and off site activities for children of all ages to enjoy. Off site field trips are most often planned for school age children and some specific off site learning opportunities for our Preschoolers as well. For the safety and enjoyment of even our youngest, we plan on site experiences such as live music entertainment, pony rides, science shows, bounce houses as well as several family events each year!
Between the hours of 7am and Noon
Pride & Joy is a CACFP center which guarantees that nutritional meals and snacks are provided for all children including infants! We offer one brand of formula and baby food for infants and serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. We also offer a flexible meal schedule for children who need the flexibility such as our afternoon kindergartners.

If your child becomes sick while at daycare, we will do our best to keep him or her comfortable until you can come to pick them up from daycare. If you will not be able to pick your child up within a half hour of receiving our call, it would be best to arrange for another family member or other authorized person to come for you.

At this time Pride & Joy is not offering transportation, to schools located outside of the district, that the center's are located in.

Our center hours are based on the most popular hours requested by parents, which allow us to keep our tuition costs as reasonable as possible! Monday through Friday from 7:00 am-5:30 pm.

Each aspect of your child's day will be shared with you through "Life Cubby", where you can have the ability to see how your child's day is going, throughout the day! You also have the ability to message your chid's caregiver directly, leave notes and reminders, and look for feedback; in regard to supplies needed or up-comming events!

Pride & Joy is a secure facility and has strict policies in regard to who can pick your child up from daycare. Authorization to pickup a child is verified at the office before anyone, other than a parent or guardian, is given access to any child. If parents have not communicated that someone other than themselves will be picking up their child, it is Pride & Joy's policy to contact the parents before access to your child is granted, even if that person is on your authorized pick up list!