Early Care & Learning Centers


Pride & Joy offers a full-day Kindergarten for families who are looking to get the most out of their child’s Kindergarten experience. Children benefit from a full-day Kindergarten program because the additional time that teachers have to spend with students builds confidence and a love of learning.   Parent’s benefit by having a personal relationship with their child’s teacher which gives them better access to better learning and care for their child.  Our program is registered with the NYS Department of Education and follows the same district curriculum and schedule.

We are an approved kindergarten with the NYS Education Department.

We are very proud to have been approved by the New York State Education department as a registered kindergarten. Pride & Joy follows the New York State and Common Core learning standards and makes sure that we are preparing our students for success.

Full-Day Kindergarten (Full-Day K) is a necessary component of a comprehensive early learning continuum and boosts children's cognitive learning, creative problem-solving and social competence.  However, we are not a part of the K-12 publicly funded school system in most states.  Nationally, only 10 states and the District of Columbia, require school districts to provide publicly funded Full-Day K through statute.

Our program is designed to improves student's social and emotional skills.  All students experience learning gains.  By giving students and teachers more quality time to engage in constructive learning activities, Full-Day Kindergarten provides benefits to everyone.

NEA Education Policy and Practice Department    Center for Great Public Schools